Rates vary depending on the situation and the subject matter. Factored into a price quote is the cost of travel, materials, post production work, additional supplies required to do specific jobs (i.e. batteries, rain cover, extra lighting) and my time. Prices are individual and vary from client to client as to meet the specific needs of the individual. Prices listed below are only an example of the what had become the average for pricing for the majority of my automotive shoots. 

Classic Car Packages

My Precious Package - $250 

This starter package is much like the car or other project when you first bought it, simple and raw, heck it may even be still in progress. It includes 3-4 keepers of that project of yours to live on your wall as a testament to your hard work. An easy, one-location shoot that best reflects the car. Shot from several angles it can include; rear, front, interior and a portrait shot (yes cars do pose!) Includes 3-4 prints of the vehicle up to 8 x 10 and/or a poster print.

Class 3 Package - $500

Admit it, you love the sound of that engine, the feel of the shifter, the way it handles turns and curves in the road. You frequently sneak away to the garage or shop to admire her/him to sit there and gaze at your hard work. Why not have some photos to show off to your friends and family? This package involves 2 locations with the possibility of the shoot being spread over 2 different days or time periods. Perhaps the metallic red in the body really only shows up at night under the street lamps but you still want shots in the sun. You walk away with 4-6 prints up to 8 x 10, 1 poster print and a usb stick with 10-15 images. 

Collectors Anonymous Package - $600 - $1200

If your partner has not kicked you out by now your doing well. You have the makings of a collection on your hands. Might be ready to go or needing work but with 2-3 cars this is not just a garage hobby project any longer. Your serious about your passion and so am I. We will work together to shoot the various vehicles in different locations (up to 3, EX: 2 individual/1group or all group) this will included a usb stick of 20-40 Hi-Resolution printable images, 5-6 prints up to 8 x 10 and 3 poster prints. *Additional cars can be added at extra cost 

12-Month Vanity Package - $2000

Proud of your collection? Want to show it off? Why not stare at your pride and joy(s) 12 months a year with a custom calendar. This includes 4 days of shooting with an addtional 5th day as a rain or reshoot day. We will work together throughout the calendar year,  in various locations and weather scenarios to create a collection of photos for use in a standard 12 month calendar. On top of the days of shooting which typically means anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours of shooting it also includes the hours upon hours of photo retouching, and then the work that goes into create the full calendar to which there are endless possibilities of what the final product will look like. *Note cost of the calendars themselves is not included as quantity and nature of calendars may very greatly. Additional prints cost extra.